Adventures in Technology is a five day event for high school students aimed at enhancing each participant's awareness and understanding of "science and technology, the many ways it affects our lives, and the opportunities it holds for tomorrow".

Jai-MashruThis year’s representative from Dryden was Jai Mashru. He attended the Adventures in Technology session in Saskatoon from April 30th to May 4th, 2012.  Highlights of the tour included a visit to the Colleges of Medicine and Agriculture, as well as POS Bio-Sciences, Saskatchewan Abilities Council, VIDO, SED Systems and Global TV. 

The 2012 high tech theme was less of a “hands on” experience compared to previous years due to the sanitization restrictions of each facility. Nevertheless, students did make the airwaves on local Global TV and Dryden’s Jai Mashru was front and centre. The Adventures in Technology experience helped Jai affirm his intent to study at university as a step towards a career in research or medicine.

While in Saskatoon, students were billeted with Rotarian families belonging to one of the five local Rotary clubs that sponsor this event each year.

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