Deanna Pacheco stepped forward to do her vocational talk when the meeting room was switched to the lounge. A vocational talk gives an opportunity for a new member to tell other club members a little about what you do for a living and a bit about your personal history.
Deanna was born and grew up in Toronto and Ottawa before moving to Dryden in her grade 8 year when her Dad took a Superintendent of Education position with the Dryden School Board.
Pacheco has a history with Rotary as her father Gary Bates is a past member of the Dryden club and while at Dryden high school, she was a member of the first Rotaract club at DHS.
Deanna has a sister, Lori, who now lives in Steinbach and a brother, Todd, who lives in Dryden.
After high school, Deanna went to York University. She graduated in 1989, and eventually became a teacher after a year working for Kin Canada
Her first job in teaching was as an unqualified substitute in Dufferin-Peel Catholic District where on the first day of school she met a teacher who had worked with her father
Deanna met her husband Humberto at school and they married in 1992.
Pacheco’s first official teaching job was in York region just to the east of Dufferin-Peel. During the year she was pregnant and her daughter Nicole was born but had cerebral palsy.
However, Pacheco went back to work the next year and became pregnant again and had a second child.
In 1996 she and Humberto decided to move to Dryden without any job guarantees. Humberto quickly got job at St Joes and Deanna eventually got a half time job at Pinewood after birth of a  third child.
Deanna due to Nicole’s needs became very involved with Easter Seals for first few years back in Dryden on both local and provincial level.
In 2000, he and Humberto bought a new house with help of Rtn Denis and with the encouragement of Len Pateman, took a position at Oxdrift P. S. as teaching VP.
There then followed a number of different schools eventually ending at DHS as principal in 2015-16. There is a small group of four students in high school who have not had a principal other than Deanna.
Pacheco has taken as a number of courses including her masters, principal’s and supervisory officer’s papers.
Recreationally, Deanna loves to read and hanging out by the pool, and goes to gym to release stress. She will be eligible for retired in six years.
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