Rotarian “Carm” Fyfe as her “vocational” talk shared her family history with the club on February 8th.
Carmela was born in Italy and came over to Canada with her parents and three sisters. They first settled in Molson MB. One was later born in Ontario after her father transferred to Wabigoon.
When she started school, it really was a 1 room school house just like “Little House on the Prairie”
Because they lived in Wabigoon and her father had no car he travelled to Dryden by train.
Carm’s first job, at was at Len Ver Inn, then the Wayfare as a waitress. Next, she was employed at El Dorado as car hop and waitress. While there she met Gord Fyfe whom she married at the age of 18.
Eventually, she worked at Canadian Tire on Queen Street, where she began as a cashier. She moved through all of the store’s relocations eventually becoming a store manager. During that time she worked for 10 different owners. Carm retired in May 2016.
Fyfe has three daughters who are all married and living in Dryden and have provided she and Gord with six beautiful grandchildren. When her extended family, who are all in Dryden it means get-togethers include at least 35 people to cook for.
This year, Carmela is looking forward to camp as they bought a camper and have a permanent spot at Aaron Provincial Park.
Carmela concluded by saying how much she loved joining Mardi and being part of her “Dream Believers” and now being part of Rotary. Carm’s friends, Gord Fyfe, Jodie Doherty, and Shelley Langlais were in attendance to hear her vocational talk.

  Lynne Rickaby- Pateman and Mitch Lampshire are inducted into the club. 

The February 8th meeting also included the induction into the club of Lynne Rickaby- Pateman and Mitchell Lampshire.