On August 8th, Jayme Gamble, the 2011-12 outbound exchange student, shared her one year Youth Exchange experience in Denmark in story and pictures.

Jayme Gamble Aug 8She recounted about leaving Winnipeg and read us an entry from her journal on the first day of her arrival in Denmark.

After her first day or two in Denmark, she knew that this small town girl from Northwestern Ontario who had never left North America could make it in

While she was concerned about not understanding anyone, she quickly found out that most young Danes speak and understand English and most kids
wanted to talk to her in English so that it was not until her third host family where her host father did not understand English that she really got to learn
and use her Danish.

By the end of the year, she gave a half hour talk to her Rotary club in Danish.

She was also was part of a Euro tour with other exchange students and visited 18 countries in 3 weeks. Thos also included meeting our former exchange student Maela Cataldi in Paris.

She thanked Rotary for the wonderful opportunity that she had.